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       Chroma key allows actors to "appear" in all sorts of locations without leaving the studio. By having them act against a blue or green screen, filmmakers can insert any background they like, be it video of a city street, a still photo of the Grand Canyon or a computer-generated interior of a spaceship. Chroma key also allows you to make certain elements of the image disappear. This is how they "amputated" the legs of Gary Sinise's character, Lieutenant Dan, in the film "Forrest Gump": Sinise's legs were merely wrapped in fabric in the key color.

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About Chroma Key

Chroma key is a video production technique that allows one image to be superimposed over another. Special effects are commonly produced with chroma key. And when you watch your local newscast and see a meteorologist standing in front of a moving radar image or an animated computer map, you're seeing chroma key in action.


          In a typical chroma key shot, actors recite their lines and hit their stage marks as usual, but they do it in front of a single-color backdrop. The backdrop color is the "key," and the video equipment is set so that the key color is interpreted as being transparent and drops out of the image. The remaining image---that of the actors and any props that aren't in the key color---can then be laid over a background image.


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